Hengwang construction machinery products mainly include excavator, road roller, crawler dumper, forklift, cranes, self-loading concrete mixer trucks and backhoe loaders, etc., which are widely used in various construction sites.

Lifting Machine

HW120 Spider Crane
Max working radius:5m(0.3ton)
Engine power:9.6kw
HW300 Spider Crane
Max working radius:8.83m(0.15ton)
Engine power:16kw
HW500 Spider Crane
Max working radius:14m(0.5ton)
Engine power:48kw
HW800 Spider Crane
Max working radius:16m(0.5ton)
Engine power:52kw
HW1000 Spider Crane
Max working radius:19.8m(0.6ton)
Engine power:76kw
4Ton Forklift Crane
Lifting Weight: 4000Kg
Lifting Height: 8m
Recommend Power: 18Kw
HWQY6T Self-made Truck Crane
Lifting Weight: 6500Kg
Lifting Height: 25m、 28m
Power: 74Kw
HWQY8T Self-made Truck Crane
Lifting Weight: 8000Kg
Lifting Height: 25m、28m
Power: 75KW
HWQY10T Self-made Truck Crane
Lifting Weight: 11000Kg
Lifting Height: 28m、30m
Power: 88kw
HWQY12T Self-made Truck Crane
Lifting Weight: 13000Kg
Lifting Height: 30m、35m
Power: 100kw
HWQY16T Self-made Truck Crane
Lifting Weight: 16000Kg
Lifting Height: 40m
Power: 88kw
HWFT5T Truck Crane
Power: 85KW 115hp
Tire type : 650-16 10PR
Wheelbase: 2850
HWKM10T Truck Crane
Overall Dimensions: 9.24*2.22*3.13m
Motor Power: 15kw
Power: 96kw 131hp
HWTJ10T Truck Crane
Overall Dimensions: 8.71*2.15*3.11m
Motor Power : 11KW
Lifting speed: 36(95)-76m/min
HWQY12T Truck Crane
Engine model: 4105 turbocharged
Gearbox model: 6-speed
Power (kw hp): 95KW(130hp)
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