How often does the electric forklift carry out a first-level technical maintenance?

Apr 24, 2023

Electric forklift manufacturers often emphasize to everyone that they must pay attention to the role of maintenance. However, many drivers may not know that, in addition to checking whether the exterior of the electric forklift, parts, electrical circuits, batteries, etc. . So, how often should a first-level technical maintenance be performed? How to perform first-level technical maintenance? Do this regardless of the electric forklift brand.

How often does the electric forklift carry out a first-level technical maintenance? Generally speaking, when the electric forklift has been running for 500 hours, it is necessary to perform a first-level technical maintenance.

storage battery

First of all, let's talk about how to maintain the battery. Clean the battery, keep the battery clean, and ensure that the concentration of sulfuric acid in the battery is normal. Then, we need to ensure that the connectors of the battery are clean, firm, free of rust, and the wiring is neat. It is also necessary to ensure that the battery rack is clean and free from rust, and timely apply anti-rust red lead.

charging equipment

Let's talk about how to maintain charging equipment. To clean the charging device, make sure it is free of dust and dirt. The charging clip should be placed neatly and safely, and the elasticity should be kept good. No matter what brand of electric forklift it is, it is necessary to ensure that all electrical circuits are in good contact.

Steering gear and brakes

Let's take a look at how to maintain the steering mechanism and braking device of the electric forklift. To clean all parts of the steering mechanism, make sure there is no dirt. Each filling hole should be unobstructed, and lubricating oil should be added in time. The steering mechanism must be flexible, and lubricating oil must be added to the joints in time. Most importantly, double check that the brakes are safe and secure.


How to maintain the brush part of the DC motor? We need to clean the brush holder first, keep it clean, and check whether the pressure of the brush is normal. Check the brushes for wear and replace if worn. If the brush plus sparks during operation, it must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Electrical Contacts and Circuit Splices

Finally, no matter what the brand of electric forklift is, we need to check the electrical contacts and circuit connectors to ensure that they are running well, not loose, and not abnormally hot.

The above is the specific method for the first-level technical maintenance of electric forklifts. Electric forklift manufacturers remind drivers that no matter what brand of electric forklift they are driving, they must always pay attention to the running time of the electric forklift, and must perform system maintenance when it reaches 500h. This is done not only to prolong the service life of the electric forklift, improve work efficiency, but also to ensure the safety of the driver himself.

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